May 18, 2009

After a weekend of shows with our friends from Brooklyn Goes Cube (who are celebrating the release of their brand new album - go check it out), we are taking this week to get our ducks in a row before we head out to Europe next week. Thanks to all who came out to the shows, we had a great time.

We are incredibly excited to make our way overseas to promote our new record that comes out May 29th in Germany on Make My Day Records! Also keep an eye on the Mylene Sheath, who will be starting US preorders very soon. More news on that and the Stiff Slack Japanese release (featuring the crazy remix work of Justin K Broadrick and Philip Jamieson) coming soon.

Beyond the record, we have two new t shirt designs that will available this tour:

And lastly, I just set up an account on Twitter so you can follow us day to day while we're pounding absinthe and shaking clubs to pieces all across Europe:

The plan is to bring a video camera and do some doc work while we are over there as well, so hopefully the absinthe and shaking clubs to pieces won't get in the way of that.


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Anita said...

Cool! I´m following your Twitter now.
/Anita Diminuta