September 7, 2007

These are the switches that remove from the politics of war.

Various stages of bus destruction and development...

Here's some of the shirts that were co-designed for this tour with ESEF

Here's a picture of Duncan and Will preparing loops for the new songs.

August 13, 2007

First off, we're very happy to announce that Jon Hassell has officially joined the ranks of Constants as a full time guitar player and that our first record as a four piece will be recorded by KURT BALLOU (CONVERGE, OLD MAN GLOOM) at GODCITY STUDIO in Salem, MA this November. We've been talking with Kurt, writing lots of new material and are all very excited about what will be our second full length and third official release to date.

But before we enter the studio, we've got a ton of other cool stuff coming up too.

After 10 months on tour in 2006 and over 350 shows since 2005, we're headed back on the road this September, this time on a co-headlining tour with our friends CASPIAN who SPIN.COM says "transcends post-rock cliches with meticulously crafted songcraft." Doesn't get much better than that... That is until we're joined in October by one of my favorite bands out there right now, the sonically massive duo of ADAI.

On this tour, we will also be offering an exclusive limited run of hand printed, hand dyed and hand numbered t-shirts that we are co-designing with Boston's own ESEF . He's done some amazing work for bands like SIGUR ROS and MONO, so we're extremely pleased to be offering a collaboration with him to you.

We're also teaming up with the environmental educational group REVERB to continue our efforts to promote sustainability and renewable fuel sources. REVERB has paired artists like THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, THE BEASTIE BOYS, and THE BLUE MAN GROUP with green sponsors so we're very proud to be a part of their campaign to promote recycling, efficiency and waste reduction at concerts, special events and college campuses nationwide. It's awesome. Go ahead, call us hippies.

We'll still be touring in our waste vegetable oil powered school bus The Star Destroyer, which we are currently upgrading and modifying using parts from LOVECRAFT BIOFUELS . Wait until you see how good this baby looks and runs this tour.

Please visit our myspace page for a list of tour dates. "TBA"'s still need to be filled in, and if you don't see your town on the list, help us out. Please contact BUNCE BOOKING with all booking assistance and inquires. For an up to date list of tourdates Thanks for reading.

March 5, 2007

Hey all.

We've spent this week drinking entirely too much, fixing up the bus and playing music. You know what that means? We're back on the road!

We've already been out for a few days and had today off to sleep it off and get more vegetable oil.

This tour takes us in the direction of Austin, TX for SXSW. Duncan put together an amazing Radar Recordings party with label mates CARRIGAN, JUNIUS and friends MAPS AND ATLASES, CONSIDER THE SOURCE and AD ASTRA PER ASPERA (Sonic Unyon) on 3/15 at The Creekside Lounge. If you're headed to the HYDRA HEAD showcase that night, or if you really need to see all your favorite Radar road warriors, make sure to swing by our party first for a few drinks and some free vegetarian food.

After SXSW, we'll be doing a handful of dates in the southwest with ADAI followed by a few shows with RUSSIAN CIRCLES (Flameshovel Rec.) in the midwest. Jon's birthday will be happening in K-zoo, so if you live within 500 miles of that city and enjoy having a good time, it would behoove you to make the journey. Also, when we return home to Boston, we're very excited to be playing the CD release party of our good friends CASPIAN (Dopamine Rec.) and ON FIRE(Magic Bullet) on April 13th at The Paradise.

Jon from SENECA will be joining us again on guitar, and we're all really excited about this tour. This will most likely be the last tour we do before we head into the studio to work on our next record. We've been talking with a few people about the beast we will be recording, and have a ton of new material we've been working on as well.

Also, we have a live in studio recording we did in Whitefish, MT at Snow Ghost studios a few months ago that should be up on our website soon, so keep checking in for that.

Thanks to everyone who helped us make 2006 an incredible year, and we very much look forward to seeing everyone again on the road in 2007.

Check our MYSPACE page for tour updates.