August 29, 2010

long time no update. what else is new?

We just got back from a week of dates with our friends City of Ships, and our new friend(s) Mose Giganticus. It was a handful of shows around New England, which is something we haven't done in a while. Super easy and super short, but definitely a fun time.

I just picked up the limited US vinyl artwork from Interrobang this past week and I'm so pysched to assemble these and start mailing them out. They came out amazing and for me it's the perfect package for a record that really means a lot to me.

if somehow you've stumbled up this blog and haven't seem anywhere else: our new album "If Tomorrow the War" was just released in Europe and starts shipping here in the US in less than 2 weeks. I honestly couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out and working with Justin Broadrick has been an unbelievable and mind opening experience...

hmm what else? well, we have started work on a follow up EP for the album that will be on the more shoegaze / electronic end of our spectrum. we are already trying things that we would have never done even a year ago, so it's really cool to me that we aren't settling into a formula and are still able to challenge each other after 2 albums as a pretty solid unit. The EP will be combined with a handful of remixes from "ITTW" - some that we are doing, some that friends are doing, and some that fans are doing. If it come together the way I envision it, it should be a cool project.

so if you haven't already, go preorder US version of the album from Science of Silence and get an instant download here:

Radar Recordings

and if you live in Europe, go here:

Make My Day Records

that's all for now.