August 29, 2010

long time no update. what else is new?

We just got back from a week of dates with our friends City of Ships, and our new friend(s) Mose Giganticus. It was a handful of shows around New England, which is something we haven't done in a while. Super easy and super short, but definitely a fun time.

I just picked up the limited US vinyl artwork from Interrobang this past week and I'm so pysched to assemble these and start mailing them out. They came out amazing and for me it's the perfect package for a record that really means a lot to me.

if somehow you've stumbled up this blog and haven't seem anywhere else: our new album "If Tomorrow the War" was just released in Europe and starts shipping here in the US in less than 2 weeks. I honestly couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out and working with Justin Broadrick has been an unbelievable and mind opening experience...

hmm what else? well, we have started work on a follow up EP for the album that will be on the more shoegaze / electronic end of our spectrum. we are already trying things that we would have never done even a year ago, so it's really cool to me that we aren't settling into a formula and are still able to challenge each other after 2 albums as a pretty solid unit. The EP will be combined with a handful of remixes from "ITTW" - some that we are doing, some that friends are doing, and some that fans are doing. If it come together the way I envision it, it should be a cool project.

so if you haven't already, go preorder US version of the album from Science of Silence and get an instant download here:

Radar Recordings

and if you live in Europe, go here:

Make My Day Records

that's all for now.

April 1, 2010

Sort of a surreal afternoon.

I'm sitting at the ASU West library in Phoenix, AZ. A place that Constants spent A LOT of time when we first started heavily touring. We basically ran our press campaign for "The Murder of Tom Fitzgerril" out of this place. I remember writing out all the content for our old webpage here, assembling press kits and sending out countless emails to reviewers, publicists, labels, managers. It's crazy to think back at how much work it has taken to get this far, and all the wild shit that has happened along the way.

Also, our man JKB has said he is putting the final touches on new our record right now. It's like being a kid on christmas eve being told you can't open the presents. We've been having some good music talks, so I'm feeling like this album is going to turn out to be something really special for us.

We just got home from SXSW last week - which was super fun by the way. It's the fourth year I've been co-organizing our Goodbye South By Finale Party, and this year we had all my usual favorites plus some amazing new bands played like Rival Schools, And So I Watched You From Afar, City of Ships, Atlas Moth and lots more. It was a great week among new and old friends. SXSW is like a support group for all the indie rock peter pans of the world. We get together, tell war stories and laugh and drink until everything hurts. Orion says that it ends his year and begins a new one every time. Can't wait until the next one.

So I'm "taking the week off" (which means doing work on my iphone and going to the library for a couple hours a day to work) in Phoenix, enjoying the sun and amazing Mexican food that is sorely lacking in the Northeast. It's nice to get away, but I'm seriously itching to play music for more than a few nights at a time. Right now our drummer Rob is on tour playing with City of Ships in Europe, so if you are over there go check them out.

Up next, we are leaving in a few weeks to do a week tour in Europe, followed by a supporting tour with our good friends Caspian over there. So looking forward to this epic journey. There will be lots of amazing shows, good jokes, bad jokes and probably a lot of things that I can't even imagine just yet.

Just a day in the sun and I'm already feeling more optimistic. gotta recharge the batteries. I'm thinking I need to link this Blog as our "main" web page...I haven't gotten a single comment on the 'kings of muthafuckin space rock' title yet... hmm...

March 10, 2010

I'm building the first Solar Powered Recording studio in New England. Below is a link to my Kickstarter Page that you should check out. If you can't donate, please help me spread the word!

February 16, 2010

Ah, another snowy day. What better way to prepare for all the touring and working we are doing in the Spring, Summer and Fall than to suffer through shoveling snow and being cooped up indoors for another few weeks?

After re-writing, re-singing and re-organizing a few final songs, I've passed all the files over to Justin Broadrick. So now we sit back and anticipate the first batch of songs getting sent back to us. This record has been a pretty interesting and unique process for this band and it's only appropriate that at it's most crucial point, the finishing elements of these songs are, at least for now, beyond our reach.

I listened back to a couple quick early mixes yesterday morning and I'm surprised and pleased at the direction and pacing with these songs. I don't think this album will be indicative of what comes next so much as a milemarker for this band - it closes the doors on some elements that we've used, and opens doors to a new stylistic palette. All three of us have no idea what the reaction from people will be with this material, but that is part of why making music is so alluring in the first place.

Coming up next for us is a jaunt down to SXSW. Yes, we'll be rolling in our giant ass veggie bus, partying on Red River in Austin and playing at the 4th Annual "Goodbye South By" Finale Party at RED7 - which is always a highlight of the year for us. As much as we hate doing it, it's going to be a pretty short trip with only a handful of shows this time. Money is pretty tight these days with all that we have on the horizon, and the economy and blah blah blah excuses. As well as drinking our weight in Lone Stars, we will be premiering some of the new material, so SXSW will be your first chance to hear all that we've been raving about like excited little children. mmm... Lone Stars.

February 5, 2010

Ok, so admittedly, I've never been very good at keeping this updated or professional looking at all.

But I'm going to make the effort here to make this blog worth checking in on every once and a while. I'll try to write in it when I'm fired up, pissed off, wasted, etc in an attempt to inform and entertain. There will be lots of information about Constants and all the crazy shit that we are always trying to pull off.

So stay tuned and see if I can stay focused enough to type.

2009 was fucking nuts for us. First time to Europe, our first full length in 4 years (!) was released all over the planet (US, Europe and Japan). I bought a house and put solar panels on it and we're trying to make it the greenest, most sustainable spot that we can.

So far 2010 is going well too... we are almost done tracking a new record that is being producing by our hero Justin K Broadrick. We have *ANNOUNCEMENT* Mike Hill from Tombs singing guest vocals on one song, and another surprise guest that we will announce once he actually records - ya, so i have to finish vocals for one more song, and then all the files get shipped off to Justin...incredibly exciting. I told Justin that I am like a kid on Christmas eve shaking all the boxes and trying to figure out what the fuck is in there....

Follow our twitter over to the right there and click on our latest video recording diary. Check them all out on that crazy youtube thing.