January 12, 2009

Happy New Year to everyone.

After what turned out to be quite a hectic year for us, it was a pleasure to get the whole family together for the Last Night on Earth 6 at the Middle East downstairs on 12.30. It was quite a night and we want to thank everyone who came out. It's incredible that it's been six years already.

If you haven't already noticed, you'll see that we are going to be back on the road quite a bit in 2009. First we're playing a couple shows around Boston, then we are heading back down to SXSW, which is always our favorite time of year. After that we have lots more in the works as well. More on all that soon.

We have finally completed our record (yes it's done!) and are now just getting all the release details in order. The way things are shaping up this record is going to be available all over the globe and we're very excited to be bringing you specifics over the next several weeks.

So stay in touch. We seriously can't wait to get back in the bus and immerse you in space rock.