March 17, 2006

We've spent the last week or so busting our asses getting ready to leave for tour; we bought a school bus and have converted it to run on vegetable oil. The process, along with other complications have forced us to cancel the first few dates of this tour. We apoligize that we aren't going to get to see all our friends in the southeast, but we promise that we'll be back around before you even have time to miss us.

On a brighter note, the bus looks great. It runs on veggie oil, has a couch, table, kitchen and beds, so we are seriously going to be touring for eternity. I'll be sure to post some pictures as soon as we're done working 15 hour days trying to finish work on it... We're also psyched to be bringing out Jon Hassell (of SENECA) as our touring guitar player.

And even better news, "The Murder of Tom Fitzgerril" was named album of the month by Read the full article here.

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